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All of the People in People

This book contains a drawing of every person that appeared in the September 16, 1974 issue of People Magazine. There are hundreds of people (about 464*) included in the book. Some notable inclusions are Angela Lansbury, Zero Mostel, Loretta Lynn, Charles Lindbergh, Lou Brock, Elliott Gould, an alligator, Nancy Reagan, The Long-Distance Flame-Blowing Record Holder Jack Sholomir, The Pointer Sisters, an enormous catfish, Muhammad Ali and hundreds more.

Staple bound, cardstock cover, black and white, 11 interior printed pages.

50 made.


NO LONGER AVAILABLE Shipping and handling is included for orders within the United States. Please email if you are interested in purchasing the books to be shipped internationally.

Original magazine not included with purchase.

*I drew everyone every time they appeared in an image (Joe Namath was drawn 13 times (including once in a mirror)).

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