The portfolio contains twelve original pieces of art. The portfolio has been produced in an edition of twelve. Each piece is initialed and numbered on reverse.

The twelve pieces of work in the portfolio appear in the following order:

  1. Pyramid drawing, gray paper, ink, 3.5"x5".
  2. Fern drawing, old paper, ink, dimensions variable.
  3. Red circle, yellow paper, red oil marker, dimensions variable.
  4. Lucky penny, found coin (on ground in New York), copper plated zinc, .75" diameter, .061"thickness.
  5. Lucky penny picture, photosensitive paper (exposed with accompanied lucky penny), 3.875"x3.875".
  6. 3-Dimensional drawing of a car, (car was initially drawn with my eyes closed), blue and red ink on white typing paper, dimensions variable.
  7. Haircut drawing, manilla cardstock, pencil, dimensions variable.
  8. Police Officer at Table, white paper, ink, 4"x5".
  9. Unisphere black and white photograph, (photographer unknown, processed from a found negative taken at 1964 World's Fair) 4"x6".
  10. A Story, newsprint, ink, 4"x6".
  11. Hairy Face drawing on found photograph, ink, dimensions variable.
  12. Hand, white rives paper, ink, 5.5"x7.5".

pyramid(+).jpg  ferns.jpg  red circle.jpg

lucky penny(1985).jpg  lucky penny picture.jpg  3d car.jpg

haircut drawing.jpg  police officer at table.jpg  unisphere.jpg

story.jpg  hairy face(3).jpg hand.jpg

The Portfolio is $600 US Dollars. Payment can be made by check, money order, or paypal by using the button below.

Please also send a confirmation email when using any of the above payment options to art@jasonpolan.com

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Note: The images provided are from one of the portfolios in the edition. Each piece of artwork is hand made and will vary slightly from the images shown.

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